Rain Over Nubia

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Rain Over Nubia is the forthcoming debut album for Kaddal Merrill, to be release on Antigen Records in August 2019. Led by the disctinctive voices of Kaddal's flute and Merrill's violin their music is a joyous combination of a minimalist British folk music, pentatonic music of Nubia, and the exhuberant percussion of Egypt.


Polyrhythmic drum grooves of Sudan dance whilst intricate melodies weave bird-like through imaginings of folk tunes from further afield. This is a  music that invites you not so much on a journey but into the intimate space of the music's creators, as they puzzle the interplay of culture, location and identity.


Recorded in Cairo and Aswan, the album features master musicians from Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea, including Ahmed Omar (Eritrean/Egyptian bass player and founder of AfriCairo), Ashraf Awad (Sudanese Oud player with The Nile Project), Zizo Tag (Egyptian Oud player and sometime Pauline Oliveros collaborator), Ahmed Samir Rashwan (saxophonist with RT Nuba) and the ecstatic rhythms of the percussion from Bouda Abdul-Yazeed (multi-percussionist with Hawas) and Wessam Mokhtar (Req).

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